A Way Forward

by Ashish Joy

missional faith, radical love, irresistible hope

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Seed & Fruit

Between seed and fruit, is the long period of dying, growing, stretching and sacrifice; don’t glorify the beginning or ending and ignore the middle. Each portion of the journey has challenges and stresses, but also surprises and fulfillment

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The Adventure - My First Book

The first time you do anything, there’s always a bit of fear. Fear of failing, fear of doing something you’ve never done, fear of stepping into the unknown. All those fears make that first step difficult. Some people never take that first step, and many fail after years of trying. It’s easy to live that way, never trying, never stepping out. Writing this book and self-publishing it, is me stepping out and doing what I’ve never done before.

 The Beginning

My wife and I were on vacation in San Francisco in June of this past year. I had just stepped into a new role as youth pastor at my church. My wife was pregnant, we were expecting an addition to our family and preparing for our lives to change. It was a brand new season, and with that came many questions. There was much I didn’t have figured out, and a lot on my mind.

We were walking along The Great Highway near the west coastline of

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