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Story Focus explores the intersection of growth-mindsets, creation-care, discipleship, justice and faith, curated by Ashish Joy

Ashish Joy is a Product Marketing Manager at Pushpay, Vocational Mission Lead at Union Church, and cohost of the Future Church (Podcast). He lives in Seattle WA, with his wife Kaeli and their three children.

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Future Church (Pod) → Sticker Bushes & Sacred Spaces

Future Church (Pod) → Smokin’ Hot Human Flourishing

Future Church (Pod) → The Stamford Branch Is Closing Down

Future Church (Pod) → Let Jesus Pourover You

essays ⏍

  • Lessons from the Book of Amos
    Excerpt from a message I shared at Union Church on Feb 14, 2021. We recapped the book of Amos and looked at three takeaways.
  • A Prayer For The Community
    A prayer for our Union Church community, here in Seattle; reflecting on the year so far, Black History Month, and more…
  • Future Church (Pod)
    I started a podcast with a good friend of mine, that explores the future of the church in North America. Here’s why I started it and how you can listen.
  • Theology + Mission
    Reflections on theology and mission, how they are inter-connected, necessary, and inform the other. One isn’t complete without a strong emphasis on the other.
  • Reading Through Amos
    What does the message and context of Amos (book), reveal to us as 21st century American Christians here in Seattle? Here is framing to help with a deeper reading of the text.
  • Lessons I’m Taking With Me Into 2021
    Here are 5 lessons I’m taking with me into a brand new year, that help me think deeper and wider, push out further, and relate better.