Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

With any decision I make, or any situation I’m a part of, these are some uncomfortable truths I live by. It’s helped me stay hungry enough to achieve and pursue the best, and stay humble enough to learn and grow through the process. It will confront you, challenge you, and hopefully change you… I hope they do for you, what they have done for me.

1. You’re Not That Smart, Get Over It

The earlier we recognize how much we don’t know, the faster we open ourselves up to learning. Sometimes we get comfortable with our level of understanding or intelligence, and we fail to advance further in our mental or emotional intelligence. We need to keep pushing the boundaries of understanding and assume that every day is another opportunity to learn. If you look hard enough, there is always something or someone you can learn from.

2. The World Is Bigger Than You Think It Is

Whatever you know of the world around you, is really just a narrow sliver of the entire world. Every person has a unique background, culture, economic circumstance, life experience, and worldview. It’s important to accept that the world is bigger than you think it is. It’s easy to assume that one way of thinking, speaking or living is the only way to think, speak or live. When you get around people from different backgrounds, it’s important to listen and learn.

3. You Think You’re Always Right, But You’re Probably Not

It’s important to be confident in your perspective and way of life, but it’s also necessary for you to leave room for adjustment and correction. When you close yourself off to input and change, you make your world smaller than it needs to be. Have a confidence to charge forward in what you believe is right, but be open to the reality that you might need course correction or life adjustment.

4. Don’t Trust A First Impression, Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

It’s easy to take a snapshot of something or someone and assume it will always be that way. Whether the impression is good or bad, it’s important to recognize that people and circumstances are often always in flux. It’s important to go deeper and look further than a first impression. There’s a healthy tension necessary in assessing a first impression. Don’t assume anything about your first impression. Instead be observant, ask better questions, and take time in getting to know what you’re walking into.

5. The Best Things In Life Don’t Happen Overnight

We live in a world of instant happiness it seems. Everything is a swipe or click away. It’s easy to assume that the best things in life don’t require time, effort, or sacrifice. The truth however is the complete opposite. If you want authentic, life-giving, or long-lasting it will require your blood, sweat and tears. The best things in life will require your faithful attention and consistent effort. The question always comes down to what you consider most valuable and worth your long-term investment.

6. Be Extraordinary, Leave Your Mark

Every single person is uniquely created, and a part of a uniquely formed community of people. There are passions, skills, dreams, and desires forming in each person. You have to discover what makes you uniquely you, and pursue the best version of you with dogged determination. You were meant to be bring your unique flavor in the world. Do something special and leave your mark on whatever you touch.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

Sun Tzu