Future Church (Pod)

I started a podcast with a good friend of mine, that explores the future of the church in North America. Here’s why I started it and how you can listen.

The North American church faces deep existential questions, that don’t have simple answers. Local churches are wrestling with changing demographics across cultural, social, political, gender and economic lines.

In the middle of a pandemic, during a politically-charged, economically-challenging, and ideologically-divided time, thinking about the future of church can be daunting. 

In 2020 these questions led me to begin seminary. I recognized that I needed a more expansive theological scaffolding. I needed better tools that would help me understand my faith and understand my context.

All of this and more, led me to start Future Church (Pod) with a close friend of mine. We’re planning to have conversations around the future of the church in North America. The hope is that our conversations explore what it means to take the church into the future.

Future Church (Pod)

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