A Prayer For The Community

A prayer for our Union Church community, here in Seattle; reflecting on the year so far, Black History Month, and more…

In our attempts to understand you,
We often fail
In our attempts to listen to you,
We are often distracted
In our hope to follow your ways,
The ways of the world often co-opt

But in our gathering, we are reminded that
We are more together, a community beloved by you
Called to your purpose

In our loving and serving
Our imperfections, contradictions, and doubts
Pass through the crucible of action, focus, and practice

In our devotion and readings and spiritual practices
We continue to be counter-formed
To another King and Kingdom

We remember that we are dust and dirt… 
All part of the beautiful stuff you use
To do miracles and work wonders

We remember our place as earthlings, groundlings
Connected to soil and sea, and yet tethered to eternity

We trust your lead as we sojourn to that land promised
A new heavens and new earth, not yet accessible
And yet we bring the blessing and fruit of that land,
Into the messiness and brokenness of present realities

We lean on you Holy Spirit,
Even when leaning isn’t easy
We listen closely to you Jesus,
Even your teachings are hard to accept
We accept our place as daughters and sons,
In your house, Father

In all things, we remember that
You love us, you mission us,
and you transform us

May we love
May we embody your mission
May we transform the spaces we inhabit

May we remember our Black brothers and sisters
Who have had to negotiate, navigate, and reimagine
Their place in the American story

May we listen, respond, empower, and suffer
With one another and the other

We ask all these things in your name